Fixed Asset PlugIn

Fixed Asset PlugIn

No more manual calculate for the depreciation amount and manual create journal entry every month. 

Journal entry for depreciation now can be auto-generate and no more manual calculation



Asset Mtn

- group asset by asset type or depreciation method and rate

- 3 common depreciation method available to choose; straight line, reducing balance and non-capitalize

- full depreciation schedule report available to view

- link with purchase invoice, save the time to record asset

Cost allocation posting project/department

- cost allocation can be set by project or department

- posting rate and posting account can be set individually by project or department

- change your mind? You can transfer the asset to another project or department anytime


- 30+ reports come with plugin

- existing report allowed to edit

- create a new report from scratch


- disposal of asset so easy with just 1 button click and journal entry with the profit/loss amount will be calculate and post

- depreciation rate can be revised

- for asset – vehicle , road tax and insurance info can be maintain inside and with the reminder function to the user

- 1st time user can import data into system by using Excel file


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